Expand Machinery Introduces Robots at their Open House

March 7, 2023

CNC VMC 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centers Live Demo at Expand Machinery

Expand Machinery’s February 22nd Open House highlighted four fully integrated robot systems and showcased practical shop floor solutions. At the Expand Machinery Headquarters Technical Center, the machines integrated with robotics were on display and demonstrated powerful efficiency for many uses. They featured the complete ready-to-run package, tailored by Expand Machinery to meet the needs of the customer.

Expand Machinery has created Cobot and Robot packages, so customers can acquire a complete unit needed for production without going to multiple vendors. This is the way Expand Machinery prepares Robots and Cobots, so they are ready to perform real-world machine tending in your shop upon delivery. You won’t be left scrambling trying to find all the proper pieces that fit and integrate them into a functioning system. Our seamless integration and Expand Machinery’s superior support and training give your company a strong competitive advantage using our precision machines.

The Mitsubishi RV5 Assista Cobot has a 5kg load capacity, the Mitsubishi RV8 features an 8kg load, and the big Mitsubishi RV20 can handle a 20kg load. The cobot offering from Productive was the QB7 with a 5kg load and the QB7 MAX with a 12kg load capacity. An option on the RV8 and the RV20 is the multiple station pallet rack with pallets so the customers can store multiple parts without changing any end-of-arm tooling for the robot. Videos for the RV20 with the pallet rack will be available soon on the website.

Expand Machinery has been shifting its focus toward the “done-in-one” multi-axis machining efficiency and the profitable integration of robotics in the shop. Their machine offerings now provide a wide range of 5-axis milling machines from 4” to 24” table sizes and CNC Swiss machines from 20-52mm bar sizes. Other CNC turning and milling machines and the full range of GANESH manual lathes and milling machines are offered. Please contact us via our contact form or call 818-349-9166 for more information.

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