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Expand Machinery Robotics will make your shop more competitive and help you reach the next level of productivity.

White robotic arm feeding a CNC machine

MAX SPEED        4,200 mm / s

LOAD                    20 kg (44 lbs)

REACH                 1,094 mm (43 in)

Complete Packages Include

Customized Expand Machinery Work Table with Casters

Customized Parts Tray

Servo Gripper

Full Enclosures and Auto Scanners for Robots

Auto Door for any machine from Expand Machinery

Machine Integration for any machine from Expand Machinery

In-House Training on Cobots and Robots

Packages available with

Mitsubishi Assista 5KG Cobot

Productive 0B7, 7KG Cobot

Product OB7 Max, 12KG Cobot

Mitsubishi RV8, 8KG Robot

Mitsubishi RV20, 20KG Robot

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