Affordable, High-Performance Swiss Machines

March 25, 2020

Ganesh GEN TURN SL-20Y2 8-axis 20mm Swiss twin-spindle mill/turn center includes dual “Y” & “C” axisAbout This CNC Swiss Machine

Meet our affordable, high-performance, full-featured Ganesh GEN TURN SL-20Y2 8-axis 20mm Swiss twin-spindle mill / turn machine center. This includes dual “Y” & “C” axis for simultaneous front and backside machining providing the most “bang-for-the buck” in 20mm Swiss “one-and-done” machining.


Sub spindles in this CNC Swiss machine work independently from the main spindle for greatly enhanced machining efficiency. Both the main spindle and sub spindle feature a high-performance “C” axis with full contouring capability and 360,000 radial positions.


There is a removable guide-bushing to lower operating costs and reduce setup time for shorter parts having a low aspect ratio that do not require the use of a guide bushing. 10,000 RPM main spindle and 8,000 RPM sub spindles are driven by a 5-horsepower Mitsubishi motors and feature rigid tapping. In addition, all of the driven tools feature rigid tapping.

Part Ejector

Standard cut-off separation confirmation wand-switch ensures that the part has been properly cutoff prior to the resumption of machining to avoid crashes. A part ejector with a part eject confirmation sensor switch and spindle flush collect clean-out is standard. Efficient safe parts ejection is assured when the part eject piston travels to the end of its stroke when the proper end effector is utilized.

Inside Ganesh GEN TURN SL-20Y2 CNC Swiss Turn Machine

30-tool stations that include 8-driven tools are included in the basic machine package.


17-tool positions provided for the main spindle:

• 6-turning tools
• 4-drilling/boring tools
• 5-cross driven tools
• 2-deep hole drilling tools
• Additional static and driven tools can be added

13-tool positions provided for the sub spindle:

• 3-turning tools
• 4-drilling/boring tools
• 3 I.D. tools
• 3-axial driven tools
• Additional static and driven tools can be added

Up to 38-tool stations with up to 23-live tools are available to make for efficient machining of complex parts to be completed in just one seamless operation.


Y-axis for the sub spindle is not just for Y-axis features on the workpiece!

• Doubles the dedicated Back-Working tooling availability
• From 4-tool positions to 8-tool positions due to Y-axis shift
• Can use any mix of 8-driven or static tools – even 3-turning tools
• Provides the extra tooling to create the most productive balance between the work on the main and subspindle for more production throughput
• Includes the extra tooling to make effective use of the included Tool Life Management feature for extended production capability
• Provides the ability to electronically trim the tool center in the Y-axis to find the optimum cutting performance for any given tool.
• Can improve tool life
• Can even reduce tool chatter for better accuracy and surface finish

CNC Controller

Standard Mitsubishi M830 High-Performance CNC Control features a 64-Bit CNC Dedicated CPU with highly efficient RISC processor. As a result, this technology provides for a Blazing 270,000 Bock-Per-Minute Processing Speed (4,500 BPS) and 2,000 Block Look-Ahead making it the “World’s Fastest CNC Control”. G12.1 polar coordinate machining is a standard feature that simplifies programming. Its massive program memory features a 10-GB solid-state resident hard-drive and 32-GB SD & USB card slots with direct program operation and full edit capability. A RJ-485 Ethernet interface and RS-232 DB-25 connections are provided. A 3-year control warranty is provided. Tool-life management is a standard feature.

The Ganesh GEN TURN Swiss machines are also available in 32mm and 42mm sizes for your larger work. Contact Ganesh today for more information and your local dealer contact information.

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