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Ganesh works with Toellner Automation Systems to integrate fast, economical, easy to operate and maintain automated parts loading and unloading systems while providing you with an impressive Return on Investment.  These systems typically provide 30% – 50% productivity increases by loading and unloading through the machine door instead of opening and closing the door like you see with expensive robots.  These systems use just one operator to keep production flowing on multiple machines at a predictive rate so you can better plan machine utilization and overall shop efficiency.  Imagine the financial impact of having one employee keeping 3 or more machines running at maximum efficiency.


Ganesh works with all of the Barfeeder and barloader companies to provide an efficient custom barloader interface machine for short loaders, 12’ or longer barloaders, and bundle loaders for high-production applications. Ganesh has extensive capabilities in production analysis, automation and turn-key solutions in support of challenging production applications, so challenge us to find a better manufacturing solution for you.  Ganesh offers a complete line of CNC milling and turning machines to meet your needs and provide you with greater manufacturing efficiency.  Challenge us to offer the best solution to your production problems and learn how Expand Machinery can increase your profitability!

Ganesh Automation - Robotics Autoloaders and Barloaders


Robotics Automation with Rebel V 65 Servo by Edge

Robotics Automation Cell

Toelnner Loader System - Ganesh Robotic

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