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GENTURN 52-CS Y2 Machine

52CS Y2

8-Axis CNC Swiss Machine with 2″ Bar Capacity

  • L2” Bar Capacity with 6,000 RPM Spindle
  • LFull “C” Axis on Main Spindle and Sub Spindle
  • LFull “Y” Axis on Main Spindle and Sub Spindle
  • L33 Total Tool Positions with 13 Live Tools
  • LSimultaneous Main and Sub-Spindle Machining
  • LParts Catcher and Chip Conveyor Standard
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GENTURN 52-CS Y2 Interior
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Machine Specifications

Main Spindle

Maximum RPM / spindle bearing

6,000 RPM

Spindle Motor

10-HP (7.5kw)

Collet Nose / Spindle Bore

Traub A-52 / 52mm (uses TRB-52 collet)

Maximum Barstock Diameter

2” (51mm)

Maximum Cut Length

4.33” (110mm)

Spindle Center Height

43.3” (1100mm)

Sub Spindle

Sub spindle RPM / spindle bearing

6,000 RPM / 4-bearing Quad-Duplex pair configuration

Spindle Motor

6-HP (4.4kw)

Collet Nose / Spindle Bore

Traub A-42 / 43mm (uses TRB-42 collet)

External Air Blast nozzle

Included for both main & subspindle

Finished Parts Ejector & air blast

Included for subspindle

Axis Specifications

X1-axis Travel

8.66” (220mm)

Y1-axis Travel (true Y-axis, not compound Y) 

24.41” (620mm)

Z1-axis Travel

16.0” (406mm)

X2-axis Travel

14.9” (380mm)

Y2-axis Travel (true Y-axis, not compound Y) 

5.11” (130mm)

Z2-axis Travel

18.1” (460mm)

Rapid Traverse Rate – X1, X2, Y1, Z1, Z2

1,181 IPM (30 m/min)

Rapid Traverse Rate – Y2

196 IPM (5 m/min) 

Axis Drive Servo Horsepower: X1/Y1/Z1

1-3/4 / 1-3/4 / 1-1/8HP (1.3kw / 1.3kw / .85kw)

Axis Drive Servo Horsepower: X2/Y2/Z2  

1-1/8 / 1.0 / 1-1/8HP (.85kw /.75kw / .85kw)

Minimum input unit

0.0001” (0.001mm = 40 millionths inch)


Main 34-Tool Positions Standard

All live tools are gear driven w/42mm bearings – no belts!

Main Spindle Cross slide Radial live tools

6-ER-20 cross slide live tools, 6,000 rpm, 2.0 HP (1.5kw)

Main Spindle Front slide axial live tools

4-ER-20 front slide live tools, 6,000 rpm, 1.0 HP (0.75kw)

Main Spindle OD Turning Tool Positions

6 (5×5/8″ + 1×3/4″) (5x16mm) + (1x20mm)

Main Spindle ID Turning Tool Positions

5 ID Tool Bores (25mm)

Sub Spindle ID Turning Tool Positions

5 ID Tool Bores (25mm) (back of main tool bores)

Sub Spindle Back slide axial live tools

4-ER-20 (can add 4 more) 6,000 rpm, 4.0 HP (3kw)
(1 radial live tool can be substituted on Sub Spindle tool block)

Machine Dimensions

Machine Length

113” + 31” for chip conveyor

Machine Depth

71” (1803mm)

Machine Height

78” (1977mm)

Machine Weight

13,880lbs (6,300kgs)

Coolant Pump

Dual 50psi 1-HP Coolant Pumps for main and Sub Spindle

Coolant Tank Capacity

63-gallon coolant tank, with coolant flow confirmation sensor

Lubrication distribution

Way lube distributed at 3-6 cc / 15 minute cycle 

Hydraulic System power / capacity

1-HP / 12-gallons (0.75kw / 46L) 

Machine Power Requirements

220vac ±5%, 35kva, 3-phase, 60Hz, 92 amps

Air Requirements

85-PSI at 10-CFM for parts catcher, parts ejector, & air blast

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U.S.A. Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in Chatsworth, California.

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Our warehouse features a large 4,000 sq. ft. showroom

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Full Customer Support

Fully stocked parts room and training/simulation rooms

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Competitive Financing

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