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GEN MILL5X-24 Machine


Full 5-Axis Machining Capability

  • LØ 25.6” Worm-Gear Driven Tilting Rotary Table
  • LPrecision Glass-Scale Feedback on X, Y, Z, and B & C axis
  • L15,000 RPM Inline Direct-Drive Beltless “Big-Plus” Spindle
  • L1,417 IPM rapid rates in X, & Y axis for fast production
  • L60-Tool High-Speed Twin-Arm Tool Changer
  • LRoller-bearing style heavy-duty linear way system use on all linear axes
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Interior casting of the GENMILL 5X-12
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Machine Specifications

Axis Travel


24.41” 620mm


20.47” 520mm


18.11” 460mm

Spindle Nose to Table Surface

5.51”– 23.62” 140 – 600mm

Spindle Center to Z-axis way covers               

17.71” 450mm (throat dimension)

Maximum Workpiece Dimension

Ø20.47” x 13” tall Ø520 x 330mm tall


Spindle Motor – S1/S2/S3 =11/15/18.5kw

25-Horsepower Peak, 20-HP 30-minute duty-rating

Spindle Speed

15,000rpm Direct-Drive (20,000rpm optional)

Spindle Torque – Dual Winding Motor

70 ft-lb @ 0-1,500rpm (95.5 N-m)

Tool Type

CAT #40 Taper BT #40, HSK-63 optional

Spindle Taper Material / Hardness

SCM415 / HRC 58-62

Retention System / Holding Capability

Bellville Spring Stack, 1,650 – 1,760 lbs

Spindle Runout

≤ 0.000040” T.I.R.

Spindle Bearings – Front

110mm NSK 70BNR 2, P4 class-7 bearings

Spindle Bearings – Rear

110mm NSK 70BNR 2, P4 class-7 bearings

Axis Feeds

Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z

1,417 ipm 36m/minute

Cutting Feedrate

0.04 – 394 ipm / 10,000 mm/min

Axis Drive Motor Power – X, Y

4.7-HP 3.5kw

Axis Drive Motor Power – Z

4.7-HP 3.5kw w/ brake

Ballscrews – X, Y, Z

32mm ballscrews 12mm pitch

Thrust Force – X, Y, Z (maximum / constant)

8,268 lbs / 2,862 lbs 65nm / 22.5nm

Least Input Command Increment

0.0001” / 0.000040” 0.001mm / (40-millionths in metric)

Tool Changer


Tool Capacity (40+1) Hi-Speed Tool Changer

Tool Shank

Tool Change Time – Tool-to-Tool

Maximum Tool Diameter w/ adjacent tool

Maximum Tool Length

Maximum Tool Weight

Tool Selection / Tool Access

60-Tool Twin-Arm

CAT#40 Taper BT#40, HSK 63 optional

3.2-seconds Tool-to-Tool

5” / 3” 127mm / 76mm

10” 250mm

15lbs / 7kg

Random access / Bi-directional


Air Service Requirements

85 psi @ 14-scfm 6 Kg/cm2

Electrical Requirements – connected load

55 KVA 220vac±5%, 60-Hz

Coolant Capacity / Pressure

106 gallons / 300 psi 400 liters / 20-bar

Floor space Requirements (W x D x H)

160” x 130” x 119” 405x328x301cm

Shipping dimensions (W x D x H pallet #1)

97” x 102” x 115” 421x258x291cm

Machine Weight

21,384 pounds 9,700 kg

Warranty – 1-year machine warranty

3-year Mitsubishi control, motors, & drive warranty

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U.S.A. Headquarters

Our headquarters is located in Chatsworth, California.

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Our warehouse features a large 4,000 sq. ft. showroom

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Full Customer Support

Fully stocked parts room and training/simulation rooms

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