Savings to Consider

August 7, 2020

Ganesh T500, with just a 50” width With shop lease rates hovering at well over a dollar per square foot, it is puzzling to see large CNC milling machines so often cutting small workpieces.  A typical 40” x 20” milling machine consumes almost 90 square feet of shop space while the Ganesh T500, with just a 50” width, takes up only one third of that space. Shops may well need the larger machines for some of their work, but so much of the work, especially those dealing with small workpieces, could be machined much more efficiently on the smaller T500.  With faster spindle acceleration and deceleration, shorter rapid distances, much faster rapid rates, high-speed machining capability, and the ability to rigid tap at 6,000 RPM, the T500 is far more productive and economical. The 12,000 RPM direct-drive spindle coupled with the 2,362 inch-per-minute super-quick rapid traverse rates greatly reduce the non-cutting time and enhance profitability.

Features 21-tool ATC with an amazing 1.6-second tool-to-tool

The 20” X 17” table can handle 6 power vises for high production work and features 21-tool ATC with an amazing 1.6-second tool-to-tool.  When dealing with smaller work, the savings potential available to you by combining the strength and speed of the T500 is massive, allowing you to increase your productivity while consuming less shop space. For a limited time, the showroom T500 is available for $49,990.00.  After all, money saved is money earned.

See the T500, a proven performer with a terrific track record, first hand on our YouTube channel at

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