Affordable 5-Axis Machining

December 17, 2020

Affordable 5-Axis Machining!

Ganesh GenMill 5X-12  5-Axis Simultaneous CNC Milling Machine Center

The GenMill 5X-12 is a high-performance full 5-Axis simultaneous milling machine, featuring Heidenhain glass scale feedback in all 5-axes.  The accuracy added by the Heidenhain glass scales is unparalleled.  The 12.6” platter diameter tilting rotary trunnion table is driven by a precision worm-gear,  and has 150-degrees of tilt motion and 0.001-degree indexing resolution.  The 5X-12 5-axis CNC eliminates setups by allowing you to machine multiple sides of the workpiece in just one operation, as well as allowing you to handle parts that require full 5-axis simultaneous machining.

Standard features include a 12,000 RPM high-performance Big-Plus dual-contact precision ground #40-taper spindle for extra tool rigidity and accurate tool length repeatability, as well as providing extend tool life.   The coolant system provides 300-PSI through-the-tool and a separate coolant pump, for chip washdown, and efficiently moves the chips into the included belt-style chip conveyor.  A 40-tool chain drive twin-arm tool changer delivers tools in in just 1.7-seconds (tool-to-tool) providing ample tooling availability for complex workpieces.  Rapid traverse rates of 1,417 IPM reduce cycle time providing for efficient production.  High-speed synchronous rigid tapping is another included production enhancement.

The added stiffness provided by the heavy-duty cross-roller style way system, in the 3-linear axes, provides the needed rigidity and enhanced cutting accuracy and helps extend tool life.  The heavy-duty cross-roller way system provides over twice the rigidity offered by the standard ball-style liner ways used in typical machines. The machine is constructed of all certified premium grade high-density Meehanite castings and weighs over 15,700 lbs. for superb vibration dampening. The wide spacing of the ways offers the optimal guide ratio for the moving elements further enhancing the rugged design of the machine for accurate and heavy-duty machining.

Five axis machining requires a CNC controller that is up to the task.   The Mitsubishi M830 is well suited to the demands of high-speed machining that is a requirement for five-axis work.  The M830 features 270,000 block-per-minute processing speed with a 2,700 block look-ahead with NANO smoothing, and includes a 32GB data server to ensure a seamless flow of date to ensure a smooth and accurate toolpath.  Mid-program restart can be completed in a variety of circumstances, such as tool breakage or after a power outage or other interruptions for quick and efficient recovery in these time robbing siturations.

Expand Machinery - Five 5 Axis Machine CNC Controller - Ganesh GenMill 5X-12

The rigidity of the high-strength cast iron frame provides a high-strength cutting platform with superior vibration dampening for improved surface finish & extended tool life. The blending of  strength with speed provides the ultimate value enhancing combination with the 12,000-rpm Big-Plus spindle making the machine ideal for materials like aluminum and steel and the strength of the cross-roller ways providing the rigidity for efficient machining of Inconel and stainless.  The GenMill 5X-12 was designed to provide the results shops are looking for to efficiently process their multi-faced or five-axis work profitability.  See or contact Expand Machinery in Chatsworth, CA at 888-542-6374 for further information.

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