June 1, 2021

Robotics and Automation for Smaller Shops

The fast operating speed of the T500 and T700 drill/mill/tap machines make them ideal candidates for robotic automation, so that an operator is not slowing the pace of production. The go-to place to reduce part costs is labor efficiency, and robotics as the proven solution has gotten easier to use. Redundant part loading and unloading work is a ripe opportunity to employ automation in order to control operating costs. If additional processes can be added to the workflow, utilizing idle time on that same robot, additional benefits can be realized. When the robot loader uses use idle time to clean or dry a part or pass the workpiece through an inspection station, a marking station, a deburring station, or some other necessary step in the production cycle, valuable WIP time is saved as well as the labor to perform it. Robotic automation can also add to production capacity by taking advantage of currently unused nights and weekends. This is the type of thinking that is being used to justify the fast payback on the investment of precision industrial robots in the job shop.

Expand Machinery has a long history with Mitsubishi Electric and they have an enviable record in robotic loading and unloading. Contact Expand Machinery at 818-349-9166 for more information on reducing your manufacturing costs. Please see a quick demo in the video below.

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