Expand Machinery Adds Three Kardex Remstar VLM Machines

June 1, 2022

Expand Machinery Adds Three Kardex Remstar VLM Machines in its Parts Department to Increase Parts Storage Capacity and Increase Efficiency.

Growth at Expand Machinery created a need to find more room to accommodate business demand. It became evident that the recent parts department expansion involved too much valuable floor space. Expand Machinery’s has added three Kardex Remstar automated vertical parts storage and retrieval system. They have provided an ideal solution by offering an efficient solution for parts storage and fast parts picking, with greatly improved floor space management. The ability to have rapid, direct and reliable access to parts helps reduce the costs of warehousing that allows growth in our parts department. These three machines are storing over 4,000 different parts for Expand Machinery.

Kardex Remstar VLM Machine

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