See our SL-20Y2 with a new VCC Chip Breaking Option!

August 9, 2023


Hybrid 20 MM 8-Axis CNC Swiss Machine + VCC Chip Breaking Option

Expand Machinery offers Mitsubishi’s Vibration Cutting Control (VCC) in our Swiss screw machines with a rotary guide bushing.

VCC gives the programmer/operator the ability to adjust the vibration in the Z1 and Z2 Axis to break stubborn stringy chips from a command in the program. G8.5P2 can control the frequency and intensity of the vibration to cause the chip to break, keeping costly chip nests from forming around the tools and parts. Mitsubishi’s Vibration Cutting Control chip breaking option is compatible with our CNC Swiss screw machine, GEN TURN SL-20Y2, and others with rotary guide bushings.


Machine Features

  • Double “Y” Axis and Double “C” Axis
  • Simultaneous Main & Sub-Spindle Machining
  • 30-Tools with 8-Driven Tools Standard
  • Removable Rotary Synchronous Guide-Bushing
  • Cutting Oil Chiller for Consistent Thermal Stability
  • High-Performance Mitsubishi M-830 Control
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