5-Axis Advantages for Mold Making

September 20, 2023


5-axis machines, such as the 5X-24 from Expand Machinery, offer many mold-making advantages where complex geometric cavities require a smooth and accurate surface finish, achieved through superior tool path and cutting angle control. The 5-axis machine’s ability to rotate and tilt the tool in multiple directions allows it to access hard-to-reach surfaces all in one setup, which increases accuracy and reduces labor and lead time for faster mold production.

Optimized tool paths are another 5-axis advantage where wasteful air cutting is greatly reduced, and the need for tool changes is minimized for improved overall machining efficiency. The 5-axis’s ability to maintain a consistent angle of engagement between the shortest tool possible and the workpiece is critical for both tool life and surface finish.

A 5-axis CNC machining center is a powerful manufacturing tool, particularly in aerospace, automotive, and mold-making industries. It offers advanced capabilities compared to traditional 3-axis or 4-axis machines. In conventional machining, adjusting workpieces can be time-consuming and reduces workpiece accuracy and operational efficiency.

Overall, a 5-axis CNC machining center offers increased mold-making flexibility, precision, and efficiency. It enables manufacturers to create intricate molds with shorter lead times and better surface finishes, improving product quality and reducing production costs. Beyond mold making, a 5-axis CNC machining center can be used for various complex machining tasks, making it a versatile investment for manufacturers. Expand Machinery offers 12” and 24” trunnion sizes in their 5-axis machine lineup.

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